Randomized controlled trials in Cardiovascular disease

Note: this course was already performed, with excellent assistant and feedback was great: 100% answered they would recommend this course. if looking for more courses please send an email to cardiomicsclub@gmail.com with your interest and will keep you tuned if more dates become available.

The objective is to enhance critical appraisal of randomized trials by learning methods face-to-face. We will use popular controversial cardiovascular studies as examples.


  • Study research question
  • Study designs
    • Parallel
    • Cross-over
    • Factorial
    • Cluster
    • Non-inferiority
    • N-of-1
    • Pragmatic vs Explanatory
  • Randomization methods
  • Population, Intervention and Comparator
  • Outcomes
    • Composite outcomes
    • Surrogates outcomes
  • Intention to treat, as-treated, per-protocol and other analyses
  • Early-stop
  • Subgroup and sensitivity analysis interpretation

Total Duration: 4.00 hours

Format: Two online sessions of 2 hours each. Agenda:

  1. 40 minutes of interactive lecture
  2. 20 minutes of questions and practical examples
  3. 40 minutes of interactive lecture
  4. 20 minutes of questions and practical examples

Dates and Time: Both meetings will start 9 am GMT-4 (New York time) during the same weekend:

  • 1st Session: August 24rd (Saturday session)
  • 2nd Session: August 25th (Sunday session)

Cost: First session will be free. After the first session we will post the (affordable) costs of future courses.